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angel, tori, santa

May 2013

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angel, tori, santa

i wonder if there is such a thing as going through Shri Mataji's self-realization meditation too many times. haha.
i've done it three times now, and finally today i have no doubts that it didn't happen. yes, i've felt the cool breeze coming from my head since the first time, but my issues with confidence have certainly gotten the best of me. but the universe has sent so many signs already that my kundalini mother is rising. among them, Shri Mataji has been speaking to me during the day and in dreams and my business has been picking up like whoa. (super-excited!)

i'm not sure that the girl is taking all of this seriously. it's hard to tell since she's on the spectrum. and the problem with two aries is that we are only really excited about the things going on with ourselves. ha. but that's why i have friends that i can get excited with. and thank god for them.

i have been listening to Snatam Kaur while meditating. there is something about her voice that just puts me at complete peace. she was raised in the kundalini and sikh paths and is dedicated sikh. the sikh are a bit too strict for me, but they are all about love so they're just fine in my book. but her voice. i mean . . . just . . . wow.

and i'm very impressed with myself that i don't have monkey brain when i meditate! if a thought does come up, i just tell it that i love it and be on it's way. it helps, i think, that i just finished reading "eat pray love". it acted as a kind of coach in this regard, giving me pointers as she found them for herself.

and now i am way too hungry to be sitting here anymore.