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angel, tori, santa

May 2013



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Feb. 28th, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

i have a new love. it's name is kundalini yoga.

i had a great time hanging out with kamy yesterday. we watched half of "more of the business of being born". how many people can say that they've hung out with their future midwife watching birth videos? how many people can say that they were trained as a doula by their future midwife? i feel brilliantly blessed.

and that is all the entry for now. nature calls. ;)

Feb. 24th, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

cool things about this week:

got a super-yummy king cake (and ate it, too!)

visited my old massage school for two classes to review techniques. the class there now is so awesome.

rearranged some furniture and created a nook that looks like it fell out of hgtv

got paid to do reiki for the first time

apple trees and pear tree started flowering and the willow is subtly green now

had a day with a high of 70 degrees

because spring is here we get to use the living room again. it's so frigid in the winter.

made a professional connection and have several more in the works

heard an amazing story from a friend about how she healed the relationship with her mother. it gave me inspiration.

downed a ton of girl scout cookies

did a fuck-load of work laundry. (it's quite an accomplishment for me.)

had sex. (that's quite an accomplishment, also. heh.)

speaking of rearranging, the piano and harp are now in the bedroom. i love waking up and it's one of the first things i see.

these are the things i am grateful for this week.

Feb. 21st, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

yay for fat tuesday! i'm homesick today but also just happy for all those crazies in southern louisiana will be having tons of fun this week. the memory that is striking me most today is the small-scale parades that my primary school would put on. from kindergarten to 4th grade, each class would make a float (usually some cardboard contraption on a wagon) and pull them along in a line out where the buses parked. it was also commonplace to have contests for making mini floats out of shoeboxes. those were always quite fun and, more often than not, featured crazy-dressed barbies. haha.

it makes me especially happy to have a true french cafe around the corner (yes, in southern new mexico of all places) with a frenchman chef who makes the most amazing king cakes. seriously, i don't think i had one that tasted this good in my life.

so as the familiar aftertaste of sugar, cheesecake, and raspberry swirl around in my mouth, i live this day for my homestate and wish everyone there a happy and safe mardi gras . . . with lots of hurricanes for everyone.

Feb. 17th, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

giving a massage at 1:30

getting a massage at 3:45

7:00: spending time getting to know my moon sisters and watching "iron jawed angels" in our pjs.

i don't think this day could get much better.

Feb. 16th, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

okay, so i'm starting to fall in love with spotify. i'm not listening to a playlist i made from the legs and boots, one version of each song recorded.

i saw her then in pittsburgh, and it was such an amazing concert. rabbitt was there during most of it and nearly burst out of her cold skin during "cornflake girl".
rabbit, where'd you put the keys girl? raaaabbiiiiit . . .

yeah, rabbitt was in her hay-day. (the video is not from pittsburgh, but she totally nails the song on this video.)

i have to say that the 2007 doll posse tour was the best by far.
angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

oh, my dear sweet tanya. i long to see you in may, two years since we met and connected on a such a beautiful level.
you are my dream.

soon, very soon, we will be double-dipping potato skins and sharing a bottle of wine again.

oh yeah, and get to see that little quartet that you're performing with. **wink**

Feb. 15th, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

mmm, olives for snackies. i love olives, and don't you dare give me the pitted kind.
there's much fun in eating around the pit and scraping off every last bit of salty olive goodness.

one thing i must always do is rinse off the oil a bit. i do not like a slimy olive, no sir. the oil goes on a salad, not in a container for my olives to swim and drown in.

mmm, olives.

Feb. 13th, 2012

angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

so i'm very excited to see lj thriving. now i'm wondering why most of the recently upkept journals are in russian. hmm.
angel, tori, santa

(no subject)

oh, lj, how i've missed you. i've been editing and formatting my old ljbook files (2002-2006) and have become quite nostalgic about the community of friends i had then. sadly we have all parted ways since then. tis a shame. i truly miss the days when you'd meet someone new and the questions was, "do you have a livejournal?" instead of, "are you on facebook?"
see, the problem with facebook is that just isn't enough room to fully express yourself with pissing off your thousands of "friends". here on lj, i had my truest friends. those that i could say anything to, be in any mood, and they were there with loving words. it was acceptable to sniff someone out before accepting a friend request. maybe because it wasn't such a network. you feel obligated to add people to your facebook even if you don't know them b/c they may trash-talk you to a mutual friend. anyway, it's petty and silly and i'm already tired of writing about it.

i wonder what friends i will make here, if any. i got lucky back in 2002. i was already friends with a group of girl on a forum when we jumped into lj. now i start alone. perhaps that's the best way to start.

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