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angel, tori, santa

May 2013

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angel, tori, santa

the plan for today:
~ drink water
~ eat chocolate
~ read eat, pray, love

our water is dirty, so i have to drink bottled. bottled water doesn't taste good to me. it's like they add something to make it taste "clean" when really clean water tastes like nothing. i miss tap. some strapping men were fixing a pipe nearby yesterday and a load of dirt fell in. it's getting better, but definitely still tinted brown. blech.

so i did the best i could and wrote "love" on one gallon of bottled water and "peace" on the other and reiki-blessed them. i need lots of water today. pms is raging, and i have to get these hormones back in order. last cycle, i drank a ton of water a few days before bleeding, and i had no cramps at all. total bonus. homeostasis is love.

the co-op has this great chocolate that i'm in love with currently. salted dark chocolate with almonds. yeah, i'd eat the whole thing in one sitting if it weren't $3.00. it forces me to pace to myself. which i both love and hate.

i decided to read eat, pray, love after seeing a talk by elizabeth gilbert on ted.
i was both hooked on every word and giggling. and, yep, the book has the same effect. it's one of those stories that makes you nod in understanding. it's like a good friend is sitting with you, telling you what's been going on since you last talked almost a year ago.

and i'm stoked for the chapters on india.