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angel, tori, santa

May 2013

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angel, tori, santa

oh, kundalini yoga, how i really do love you. i went to a different yoga class today that was like a gentle hatha yoga, and it did not jive with me. can i really just stop going from pose to pose and meditate for a bit in between?
what i love about kundalini is that you alternate between meditating and working your ass off for a few minutes. the workouts are intense, but they don't last very long. and you really prove yourself to be strong when you can hold the plank pose for a whole minute without quite falling to the ground. quite.

and i have found my teacher. my guru, if you will. (although she's so much more than a guru.) in india she is seen as being the great mother incarnate. the one who the prophets said would enter our world. she was born as a divine child. she knew her gift as a little girl. mahatma gandhi saw it as well. she came to be known as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. she found a way to awaken the kundalini in anyone in a safe and gentle way. not that there is a harsh way to awaken her. as shri mataji says:

"Kundalini is our Mother,
we are Her only children
and She has been with us through all our lives
just waiting for the moment of fulfillment."

sahaja yoga is one of her children. it means "spontaneous connection" and begins with self-realization instead of self-realization being an unattainable goal like in other yoga practices. then you continue to practice this yoga, which is simply meditation, to continue to grow that seed that sprouted when the kundalini was awakened.

you can reach this self-realization by following her instructions on any number of videos of her directing others. it is not uncommon in yoga to adopt a teacher who has passed from this world, which is good news for me. shri mataji died last year at the age of 88. but her message is still very much alive and thriving and spreading. she has many devotees. no doubt, since she is considered to be The Divine Mother. one day i will travel to india to her birthplace that is now a shrine to the divine mother.

i mean, how could not love her? look at that face!