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angel, tori, santa

May 2013

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angel, tori, santa

online i-ching reading on ifate.com: please give me insight into my career . . .

This hexagram indicates growing distances from one's romantic partners or comrades. But simultaneously it shines light on the path back to romance and love: Kindness and communication.  Kindness and communication are the unifying forces in the world. You will be given the opportunity to direct your affection toward someone you previously distanced yourself from, and so re-create a stronger bond with them. Another indication here is that of exclusion from a larger circle of friends -- be conscious of your connections with others at this time. Move forward with integrity and don't form relationships out of convenience or formality. 

NOTE: There is 1 changing-line in the hexagram above.  This specially marked line (#1,) reveals how the situation is changing and gives insight into the future of the situation.

The changes to line 1 indicate:  "Easing Forward"- This is a time to fade into the woodwork. Don't try to come between another couple or partnership. In business, this is not the time to form a strategic alliance. Walk forward slowly and with sensitivity.

the "future" hexagram below is the evolution of the hexagram above.  The below hexagram gives insight into forward looking events and the outcome of the question at hand.

"Freedom from hardship" is the meaning of this welcome hexagram. Some challenges will still lie ahead, but the stage has been set for success. You have disentangled yourself from opposing forces. Your projects, ideas and dreams are destined to come to fruition. This is a time to rally your support base, and clear the air of any tensions and grievances. This is a time to forgive and forget. Let worries wash away like water.

i have been wondering if i should pick up extra work outside of my business until my client base picks up. i would still like to work at the spa on mondays to earn money for our may trip to san fran. but it's nice to know that the "stage has been set for success". i mean, yes, i have four clients now and would like more. but i have only been in business since the beginning of february. that's nine weeks. the fact that i have the clients that i do is amazing! the law of attraction is a beautiful thing. but in order for it to work, you have to be content with what is in your life now. so i'm changing my mindset as of now. i am happy to have the business that i do. i am happy to help these four people with their physical and mental well-being and give them a short reprieve from their busy and stressful lives. i appreciate every one of them for the loyalty they have shown me as clients. and i believe that my decision to work on donation has been a good one. it feels good. it may not sound practical, but i believe that it will work in my favor and the favor of those who need my services but may not be able to afford my previously quoted rate.

i have also had a former classmate wanting to talk with me about business and partnerships and whatnot. he has this big dream of opening a franchise spa that pays therapists well. his dream is to start this chain, then sit back and reap the benefits. it's a very common dream in our world today. and his body is not up to massaging for years to come because of the wear and tear it's gotten from years int he military. but i like that the i-ching says, "In business, this is not the time to form a strategic alliance. Walk forward slowly and with sensitivity." i'm not comfortable now with the idea of working with or for someone. maybe in the future, but not now. and this confirms it.

i will walk slowly and with sensitivity. my feelers ahead of me.


What I love about this post is your tiny client base. It means you have room to grow. :). I miss massage, but my RMT taught me how to massage myself and mix my own oils. My medical condition is so unique that I enjoy self body work. I do it every night to keep the pain down and reflexology is the best.